Beauty & Spa

Feel reborn while you take in the unique vibrations of Santorini!


Relax and Revive Body & Soul

We know the sweet exhaustion you feel after a long day exploring the island’s cobbled roads and breathtaking sea views. All you can think about is a hearty meal and some me-time.

Find serenity, luxury and a personalized treatment that soothes your body in Santorini. Choose from a large collection of oriental massages and other exclusive treatments. Just get in touch to find the massage treatment right for you.


Look refreshed with head to toe beauty treatments

Indulge in a decadent beauty treatment at modern beauty salons. Start with the essentials; a foot spa, a manicure and a pedicure or choose a facial treatment with Greek and international brands. 

Finally, wrap up your beauty session with a scrumptious cocktail while you indulge in the divine sunset view.  Uplift your mind and energize your senses. Santosphere will create an oasis of tranquility just for you.


Hair Styling and Makeup

Look your best during your summer vacation in Santorini. Renowned beauty experts and hair stylists will transform your hair and makeup to refresh your look or to look stunning for a summer wedding or party, Santosphere can offer you the best options on the island. Contact us today for a hair makeover or new hairdo!

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