Volcano Cruise

Sail through emerald waters while the idyllic scenery of the caldera takes your breath away. Swim in the hot springs and if you feel adventurous, take a shot a snorkelling.

But that’s not all.

Depending on the type of cruise you choose you and your loved ones will indulge in a pampering, authentic Mediterranean adventure. From your hotel pickup to the long-awaited sunset, we go at great lengths to make sure your experience is one you’ll look forward to share.

Choose a semi-private or private cruise and treat yourself to the natural wonder that is Santorini. At Santosphere we believe in giving people the experience they dream of, whether that’s a luxury, private sailing boat for your summer party, a semi-private yacht or a traditional boat for the whole family.

1Your cruise adventure starts at the Vlihada marina where the crew welcomes you on board as we set sail for the Red and White beaches. Take a swim at the deep blue water with the spectacular red cliffs in the backdrop. A must have experience for tasting the island’s wild beauty and taking one-of-a-kind photos.

The much anticipated stop of our cruise is the grandiose caldera formed by the volcano. Multi-colored and majestic it takes your breath away. Enjoy a luxurious BBQ meal next to the volcano and sip on delicious drinks before we wrap up our Volcano cruise with the Santorinian sunset.

We believe you can have the perfect holiday in Santorini. With a bit of help from us you’ll get a customized cruise package with the amenities, activities and experiences you want.


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